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Bolt Action - Flames of War Army Progress Pics


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I havent been much into the gaming scene the last two years. My wife and I had two kids, we bought a house in a different city (although nearby) so life has been pretty busy. We just sold that house and moved back into Bellingham, the kids are getting old enough to where I can get a couple hours here and there to get away and do some gaming. Of course I come back to Warhammer Fantasy getting dismantled =(... I've never been able to REALLY get into 40k since sci-fi really has no appeal to me. So I am kind of unloading all of my stuff except for WW2 games and Malifaux.


Lately I have been really obsessed over Bolt Action. I think its a fantastic game, its ww2 (I am a bit of a ww2 nerd), and it plays very fast and simple while still having a lot of tactical decisions. Order Dice and how units take actions are another level of awesomeness. I also like the 28mm scaling. Oh and I am really into Polish history and stuff since I am Polish and I can actually play as Poland without it needing to be Early War era, its just a bit harder lol.


However up here in Bellingham people seem to be at least partially interested in Flames of War, but not Bolt Action. Therefore I am deciding to get a Flames of War army as well.


I plan on dumping pics as I complete models for either army. I am highly motivated to get my Bolt Action painted so I can get to some tournaments down in the Everett area, so I am hoping this will help keep me on track. I will post Flames of war as I even decide which army I am starting... Pretty torn between USA Rifle Company (since I have a bunch from like 8 years ago I bought on a whim), Polish Home Army (the partisan uprising), or Polish 1st Amoured in Britain (I can at least reuse the Shermans I already own)


Here are the pictures of my first 10 Infantry models for my Polish Bolt Action Army:


Stw4pTqm.jpg 3938t6Um.jpg Stw4pTqm.jpg

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