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Which US Rifle Uniform combo looks better? (Painted Pics inside)


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Hey guys, I quickly whipped out two different uniform combination for some American Rifles I have. I have seen both combinations used before in the time period (these were only done to check out colors, they are a WIP and missing some highlights.


Which looks more realistic/appropriate/better between the two? Green top, or tan top?


AzR4z1Gm.jpg pZxkLiem.jpg fKNFKf1m.jpg



Thank you.

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I had a similar problem with mine.  I chose a specific unit, 325th Glider Infantry. I then decided to pick a specific point in time, Market Garden, and used the predominant color scheme for that time. It's all about Uniform transition times.


The Khaki shirt would be more for Operation Torch up to Normandy.  The green shirt would be more for Normandy up to 1945.  Green Shirt and Green pants would be for about Market Garden to end of war.


For Normandy, a mix of Khaki shirts and Green shirts would look cool.


For Market garden, a few Khaki shirts, mostly Green shirts, and then a few Green shirt & pants.


Mid-war Africa would be almost all Khaki, Italy would be predominately khaki with maybe some green.



I have a Fallschirmjager unit. As for their equipment, it pretty universal from EW through LW. As such, I picked the attack on Eben Emaile/Crete (their greatest airborne glory moments) for their paint scheme.

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