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Undead Looking for a Game of KoW [this Tuesday]


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I've heard a lot of good things about Kings of War and I'm interested in giving the game a try. I printed out a copy of the rules, and an army roster. The rules seem straight forward enough, but it'd be great to play a few games with someone who knows what they're doing before I set out on my own.

I've got plenty of undead models from my VC army from WhFB (RIP), and a decent amount of Bretonnia models, which I suppose could be fielded as Kingdoms of Men.

As far as list comp and army size, I have very little idea of what I should shoot for. From what I've seen, I'd like to give Undead a try.

If someone want's to play on Tuesday down at Dark Tower, I'll work on and post a list here. Not fully knowing what I'm doing, it would be good to get someone else to check my stuff beforehand just to make sure I'm not bringing something illegal to play.

I'm open to any points value within reason, I've heard between 1000 and 2000 is a good target, but I have no experience in this arena and will differ to your judgment. 


TL;DR: Warhammer player looking for a relaxed and informative, none-competative game of Kings of War.

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I already have a game scheduled this Tuesday or I'd play you! I'm also running Undead and have been enjoying them for the three games that I've played so far. I think we're settling into 2000 points as the standard for now. If you don't end up getting a game, feel free to camp out at my table next week to see the Undead in action.


I've also been thinking of rolling some of my old Beastmen models off the shelf and giving The Herd a try...

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Josh and I will be playing an Elf vs Ogre game, as well. You're welcome to hang out and watch us play. Based on my game with Kacy a couple of weeks ago, the Undead are really solid. Those flying wraiths are amazing.


Usually, we make a thread in the Game Night forum to set up games - that way folks without Warhamster forum access can see them and connect. The currect one is here: http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/25787-warhamsters-811/

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