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The final list prep for guardian cup 8.5 lite


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Ok so after playing both captain a and an other player at guardian with my cons I've been pretty committed to using my crons but lately the last few days actually I have been convinced that Eldar specifically the dark kin need some representation at the Guardian cup so I built the following list.


Real space raiders


Archon haywire grenades


4x 5man squads with venom splinter cannons

2 squads with blasters


Reaversx3 blaster cluster caltrop




Corpse thief claw 5 talos


All talos in unit have twin linked haywire blasters


Eldar cad



Wind riders scatterlasers

Dire avengers wave serpent




Both hornets have pulse lasers



At this point I can go between this and necrons but I do have a dire love for my dark kin and their craft world allies


C&c welcome but keep it on topic please

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