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ITC 2015 Season Quarterly Update Results / Ravenwing


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Hello there,


As the topic title states, these were posted.   https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2015/08/07/itc-2015-season-quarterly-update-results/


Dark Angels' "Ravenwing" rule prompted me to post here.


Question 12
  • Do we allow Dark Angels characters on bike to gain the Ravenwing rule, as we believe is RAI?
    • Note: Currently Ravenwing detachments have access to 3 HQ’s, which must have the Ravenwing rule, but RAW no HQ’s besides Sammael have the Ravenwing rule.


Blowout community reaction to support RAI on this topic, again, just as with KDK. I think this was the right call and again, shows the community looks after its own. Hey, Dark Angels players, yes, you can actually slap some more HQs into your Ravenwing armies or take someone other than Sammael!




Again, just wanted to post for you tournament / ITC folks.


Stay safe,



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