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I wanna play too! Help please


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I have decided that Infinity will be my new go to game as well. I am glad that people I know from the fantasy community are getting involved in a different game that appeals to me.


I still cant decide on a faction though. I have drilled down my choices to nomads, Ardiana, and Aleph.


Things that appeal to me. I like being the underdog or the faction that no one really plays. I prefer armies that take a little finesse vs brute force. I like having tons of options as long as the majority of them are viable.


I would appreciate any suggesstions based on the info I have provided.

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Wow that is a range of options hahaha as in the two furthest really hahaha


What about each of those factions attracts you?


In Nomads, I get a real off the wall kick playing Bakunin, and greatly anticipate Tunguska.


Ariadna, I love MRRF (Frenchies), camo, fallback, and pounce.


Aleph are commonly seen under Steel Phalanx, though vanilla is starting to realize it too is strong!


What did you play in WFB and why? As in what was the playstyle you enjoyed most?

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Nomads are awesome - I'd love to play them. They are one of the most popular factions, if that means anything to you. They can do everything and tend to have high willpower (good for hacking, doctoring, specialist stuff).


Ariadna is really cool, I play the MRRF, but you could go Russian, Scottish, or a blend of all three. They're low tech but have a lot of tricks. They tend to bring a few more models than anyone else. They excel at camo shenanigans, and they can take a punch due to their numbers. They lack TAGs and are really limited with hackers, though the Merovingians can bring a nomad hacker buddy and a mercenary TAG. Ariadna has Antipodes and werewolf guys, who are kind of like TAGs/Heavy Infantry and are pretty scary.


I don't know anything about Aleph excep Steel Phalanx is scary.

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im playing aleph and just got a few things assembled(so havent played a game yet), but i was also looking at ariadna pretty hard.  the scottish troops look like an 'underdog' type to me which also would be pretty cool.  they have william wallace bro... i think it would be hilarious to bring a bunch of braveheart guys against guys with big guns lol.


oh and aleph are kind of 'elites' it seems.  they generally have lower numbers but really tough stuff.

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I was told from the start to pick the faction whose miniatures I was most attracted to (which is how I usually choose my factions anyway). And so far, it seems that was really great advice! I am still quite new to the game myself, but I've still yet to see any faction that completely dominates on the table (like certain other games have problems with). And each faction seems to have plenty of choice, with more coming all the time.


If you like playing the underdog/lesser-played factions, you might look at Aleph, Nomads, and Combined. Those three factions seem to have lower amounts of activity/traffic on CB's website forum. That's obviously not 'scientific', but it could be  a decent measure of popularity. Then again, you could live in an area where Nomads are super-hot.


But in the end, buy what grabs your eye. Having minis you love will make you want to play them more, and might make you want to paint them more. :)



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It sounds silly, but even tippy top tourney players say start with what you like and just refine your play and massage the list to fit that. I know non of us are psycho tournament minded people, but when those types corroborate it too there must be something to the idea!


Tomb kings huh? Weather and counter attack sounds like a shell game. Maybe play some vanilla or mrrf ariadna to give a try to their specialty? They are very mutli faceted and generally more difficult to play. Bloodgod on the official forums is a genius on the table with them!


High elf shock and hold might fit well with nomads. They have access to the very rare HRMC and some unusually unusual angles they occuoy (like Sin-Eaters and Reverends)


Honestly, pick a model ya like and have a go. It is that easy to do. Proxy to try before buy, or just proxy forever if ya like really

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Yeah I would say overall that Ariadna and Nomads are probably 2 of the most popular faction world wide so if that was really an issue I would say that of your listed factions Aleph would be the best. As far as finesse goes though then I would say that Ariadna is more your play style as they are more about sneaking around and being a general nuisance where factions like Aleph tend to me more brutal and agressive. But I will echo what others have said in that you should pick the army that you like the aesthetics of the most. I love evil alien robots, pissed of space monkeys and sneaking lizard aliens that eat the wounded at triage centers so I picked Combined Army without knowing anything about their play style and I haven't regretted it.

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Cool to see a lot of interest in this game at the same time I'm dipping into it. I only got a small taste of the combat but I'm looking forward to getting more in.


I like to get models for looks and lore, then try to get the most out of them from there. If you win with something underpowered but badass not only did you outmaneuver your opponent, but you also did it on your own terms. Luckily, it seems that Infinity doesn't slap you too hard for this mindset.


I went with Ariadna as my prime choice. They really sell the stuck-in, determined underdog feel to me. Dug in, battered, hardy infantry and low tech, non-integrated power armor. Also, Marine Corps Werewolves. Although they are probably not the least played, I am unsure which army that honor applies to. I can make guesses at their play style, based on their abilities, but that's a job better done by the vets as above.


I can mostly just speak to the models and lore, which I am finding impressive on both fronts. I think it was looking at the models with the context of the lore that really sold me on this game.

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