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Getting into Warhammer Fantasy Battles?


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So, if I wanted to get into WHFB, and we're not restricted by edition since GW has no current edition of WHFB, what is the best edition to play?


You can always do minor houserules, but which edition of WHFB had the most stable/balanced ruleset?


I'm just seeing lots of players fleeing the hobby, which makes the entry cost go down. Outdated editions of WHFB are cheaper to acquire rules for. So the main deterrent of getting a WHFB army would be cost and since it's effectively gone down, getting an army together isn't a horrible idea.


It isn't like the older editions of WHFB were so horrible that no one played, so the game itself isn't lacking.


And with GW no longer supporting WHFB, I can guilt-free make an army with non-GW models.



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I've heard things about 6th with Ravening Hordes armies (sometimes even 7th with Ravening Hordes).

I think the key is to remove Daemons from the game. Any edition that does not contain a separate Daemon armybook should be golden.


Both 6th and 7th allowed you to run DoC as stand alone armies.  Also, demons aren't nearly the problem they're made out to be as much as the 7th ed book was a problem.


As for the question at hand, 7th ed had the best base rules although it also had the most abusive army books.  I'd recommend using 6th army books with 7th base rules and 8th models to maximize what WHFB once was as a meeting between strategic and hobby based gaming.

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