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Mollyfox rules questions


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Hey dudes,


We have a couple questions we haven't yet find the answers for, so we are wondering if you guys could help us out.


-what is the engagement range of a model with no close attacks, like Molly Swuadpprridge?


-if I cast obey on an enemy and take an interact action, whose crew do these actions resolve as? Can I flip a squatters token to my crew?


-if I cast obey on an enemy and take a walk action, which crews count for disengage strikes?


Thanks dudes!

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1- They have no engagement range and cannot make disengaging strikes. They are still considered to be engaged when within an enemy's close weapon range.


2- the model is still friendly to its own crew, it would drop its own crews scheme marker.


3- same answer, only models it considers enemies can make disengaging strikes. So you would obey it and choose not to make those disengaging strikes.

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Another obey question: the rules state that a "defending friendly model may choose to lose the duel", flipping no cards but getting a tie result. Does this mean that if I use an obey on an enemy model to attack, my opponent can force a minus 2 damage flip in exchange for auto failing the defense?

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