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easy and nice terrain options?


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I'm looking to get one tables worth of buildings, severe, and misc terrain that doesn't require much (preferably none) assembly or painting, and looks good straight out of the box.  I'm not too concerned about price since I'm just getting a single table's worth of terrain.


Also is there a "preferred" gaming mat or surface that you guys recommend (same qualifications as above)?  


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I got one of the Mars mats and they are pretty neat. as derk said, the faux option makes all the deployment/schem/strat area outlined easily but unobtrusivly. I will say that the desert scap/wasteland mat is much better than the forest/jungle foliage mat derk got. That mat is a horrible image, its a blow-up of a lichen/moss bed I think. but if they took some different images the mats would be really usefull. Or perhaps its just the Faux lines that are usefull. lol


I'd also look into some lazercut wood buildings. They make for nifty Old Westy type feel. And they've expanded to alot of other settings as well.


Check out







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