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Wrath of Kings?


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I was working on unpacking my huge storage closet of gaming stuff, bit by bit, and I came across an unopened box. I cut it open and lo and behold, I find my Kickstarter stuff for this game. It's like Christmas!


"Wrath of Kings" is produced by Cool MIni or Not (CMON), and has an art-theme similar to Confrontation/Rackham.


I was curious if anyone in the Vancouver, WA/Portland area had ever played this game? I can't remember seeing anyone mentioning it at all since I joined Ordo, and that's usually not a good sign, but I figured I would ask. :)




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I don't fit the Vancouver bill (I'm in Bellingham) but I love the game. Doesn't see the table that much because of all the other systems floating around, but the gameplay is fantastic. I love the flexible activations, the simple die rolling, and interactions complex enough to be interesting but simple enough to be manageable. I've got a huge Nasier force.

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Thanks for the rundown, JM!


I did the kickstarter and got all the beginning starters (No Nasier). I like the look of several, but there are two that I do not care for at all. And I got the hardback book, of course, and will keep that and one or two starters probably, but was looking to ditch the rest. But if NOBODY in the area played, I'd be less inclined to keep them. Like you said - there are tons of systems floating around!


Thanks again!

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I'm probably the only other person on the area that has an army for this game. I have not played a single game though. I was kinda hoping that it would benefit from the death of WHFB but it looks like infinity is getting the attention (which I am fine with)

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