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Rules Question: Auras, Blasts, and elevation


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I know that both Aura/Blast say that they count as being the height of the model emitting them.  So for example Perdita's Aura Ancestral counts as height 2.  However, we didn't find anything clear on the height requirements for being affected by an Aura/Blast.  For example:


1)  Does Perdita's AA with Aura(8) affect Nino, who is 2" away (horizontally) but standing on a 5" tall tower (assuming she has LoS to him because he's within 1" of the tower's edge, say)

2)  Does Papa Loco's Pulse(3) affect Nino, again 2" away but on a 5" tall tower?

3)  Would things change if Perdita were on the tower and Nino were on the ground, or does it (hoepfully) work exactly in reverse (i.e. if my Aura(8) affects you, then your Aura(8) affects me, always)?



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I found the answer to auras on the main Mollyfox rules board, where one of the game rules guys chimed in:




One of the pertinent quotes from a rules dude:


All measurements in Malifaux are made from a top down view, this is regardless of the Ht of the objects being measured to/from.


The Ht stat of a model does not affect whether it is within range of another model, since the measurements are done top down.


The same is true of auras and pulses.


The Ht of such effects is mentioned because some pulses/auras block LoS, in which case their Ht could prove relevant. 


So the requirements are basically:


-recipient has LoS to aura/pulse source

-recipient is in the range of the aura/pulse source


elevation is relevant only in how it affects the LoS

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