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Getting Rid of 40K (Space Marines/Blood Angels/Black Templars


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It's been a long time coming, but I've finally worked up the energy to get rid of the eclectic collection of Space Marines and Blood Angels that have been cluttering my shelves for the past four years. I'd prefer to get them to someone local, finding them a good home and all that. I'm looking to sell them, but I'd be willing to trade for WHFB Vampire Counts, KoW Undead, or any suitably undead 28mm miniatures that you may have laying around. Chief concern is just getting them out of my hobby space and away from my already overflowing work station.


A common theme is missing backpacks, sorry about that, but along the way they seem to have popped off and gotten lost.


Blood Angels:



Assault/Death Company Marines:

IMG 1722

IMG 1724

IMG 1725

IMG 1726

IMG 1727

Sanguinary Guard:

IMG 1728

IMG 1729

IMG 1731

IMG 1730

Tactical Marines:

IMG 1732

IMG 1733

IMG 1734


IMG 1744

IMG 1745

IMG 1746


IMG 1715




Space Marines:



AoBR Tactical Marines:

IMG 1736

Devistators with Missile Launchers:

IMG 1718

Scout Squad:

IMG 1735


IMG 1720

IMG 1719

IMG 1721

BT Assault Marines:

IMG 1739

IMG 1740

BT Tactical Marines:

IMG 1737

BT Sword Brothers:

IMG 1741

BT Characters:

IMG 1743

IMG 1742

IMG 1747

Space Marine Bits:

IMG 1713

BT Bits:

IMG 1714




As you can see, paint quality is lacking, but with a liberal dosage of simple green, they should be gtg. There are several models that need re-gluing. What you see is what is offered.

Again, I'm flexible on price or trade, very willing to combine groups.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to work something out!  :smile:

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