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MP3 Player -> Radio Broadcaster


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They are called FM transmitters




Have not used one in awhile.


They work best where there are fewer radio stations to cause interference.


Basically, you pick a station number, plug into the mp3 player, then tune yer radio to that station.


Usually works pretty good.


Sorry I cannot recommend a brand...

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I've tried a few in the past that were garbage, and one that worked okay. Finding the right radio station to limit interference is key. A friend had one that he had to dangle from his rearview mirror in order for the signal to get to his antenna strong enough.


Above all, I'd say find one that you can plug in, you don't want to have to worry about recharging batteries for this thing.

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I have used one for years (hope it's not killing me). Some work better than others and it will make you realize just how crowded the FM dial is. I have had the best luck with the ones that have the transmitter in line between the lighter plug and the mp3 player. Weirdly seems to work best the less you hunt for a clearer channel and if you leave for car antenna down. Once you find the sweet spot it is clear as a bell with minimal problems.

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