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Tournament Batrep

Lord Hanaur

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Decided to turn the Sisters of Battle loose at the tournament today.


My first game was against a foe I know very well!  He makes few mistakes and his lists are pretty effective.  This time around he took a Dark Angels list with a lot of Grav and plasma weapons, he had his drop pod and his outflanking scouts and he had broken them into their heavy weapon and melee halves. 


I reserved my Dominion to outflank, which he anticipated with his deployment and the fun began.  The board was split by a river which was convenient for him as it allowed him to make a firing line against which I would have to cross a lot of terrain to reach him through.  My Sisters of Battle were blobbed up and raring to go and he knew the power of the Deathcult.  He went first and immediately killed 8 Sisters of Battle just in the first volley because despite the odd deployment zone, his scout moves and speed allowed him to level a lot of his firepower at me.  He rocked me on my heels pretty good round one.  From there it was an uphill battle to push through the terrain and get to his units with my blob and my assassins while trying to take the three objectives, most of which were protected by his tough firing line across the river.  My first attempt was foiled when his men broke and ran, leaving my Sisters of battle with no one to charge and Celestine leading them.  Uh oh.  As predicted, the Dark Angels made me pay for that but I did eventually get to his forward scouts who had brougth so much bolter pain to my doorstep and was able to entrench myself.  Most of the game was a struggle.  I didn't have enough juice to push to the rightmost objecive (I immobilized my Rhinos, forcing me to hoof it in the open in the end which obviously was no picnic with the terrain being what it was).  I eventually had to cede that one to him, though he took a fair number of casualties holding it.  Those bikes are just deadly if they catch you in the open.


The objective to the left was easily within my grasp but his Scouts had swarmed it and mired me in close combats, combats which they would never run from (Spehs marines and stuff).  Stubborn Damn Dark Angels!  Anyways I EVENTUALLY got my reserves on and EVENTUALLY was able to wrest the objective from him decisively in the end, but it was a near thing as he broke from combat at a critical moment allowing the rest of his army to END my Warlord and his large Sisters of Battle units remnants with prejudice!  Only the timely arrival of the assassins and my lst reserve Sisters of Battle allowed me to prevail.  Close call wityh that many little scout units to root out though.  That left the rear objective DEEEEP in his deployment zone.  It took all the movement I could get out of one of my Dominion Immolators and even then I had failed to get to it by his last turn.  He cut the Immolator to ribbons and this allowed me to get out and contest the objective with his Dark Shroud, while they shot me down to just two Dominions.  On my last turn I could not kill the dark shroud and that meant the game ended as a tie in the end.  Hard fought and it easily could have gone either way at various points in the battle.  I needed to kill the Dark Shroud to make it a win.  Terrain was my bane in this one all the way throuh and the scenario had such a weird deployment zone that it took every ounce of effort I could exert to compensate for the vast distance between myself and the far rear objective.


My second game was against a Chaos Space Marine Player.  He had three units of Nurgle Marked Marines and Kharne leading Berzerkers, a pretrty fair amount of armor including Rhinos, two Chaos Vindicators and THREE Heldrakes, one of which had the Hades AutoCannon for added anti-air goodness, something I hadnt seen much of.  Pretty interesting army.  In this one the Defender has to break through from the middle to one side or the other and the Attacker has to split his force to either side and try to stop him.


This mission REALLY hi-lited the Primacy of the Dominion.  It was no effort at all to bgin the slaughter as the Dominion squads walked right up to the the Rhinos and Vindicators, Immolators blsti9ng several apart, pinning one unit and watching Nurgle Marked Marines cry out in horror as they were vaporized with Dominion meltas.  The slaughter of the unclean was underway.  Enemy retribution was swift in the coming as Kharne crashed down and dispatched offending Dominion and an Immolator alike with equal disregard.  His efficacy unfortunately left him out in the open the next round but it didn't hut him too badly as my reserves werent on yet and so two of his Nurgle Marine units were reaped down to less than half their starting strength or killed outright my next turn.  The Vindicator made a nice shot on my two Exorcists in the breakout zone, but just missed hitting both of them by a scatter that carried a mere inch off the board.  Still, his best work was done in the breakout zone as his Heldrakes eventually went about killing the Rhinos and Exorcists that dared stand in their way. 


The battle took a definitive turn when I was able to bring all my reserves on and cut heavily into his Kharne unit.  It ws at this point St. Celestine jumped from her hiding place and lanced the engines of the last Vindicator, ending its offensive while the Sisters of Battle valiantly got enough firepower into his Rhino forcing out the Nurgle infested Chaos Marines and a temendous 4 of them died from the explosion!  Worse they were unable to do more than fire bolters the next round and that just wasn’t going to be enough to save them. 


At games end, Kharne and his retinue charged my blob and was repulsed badly.  The assassins approached and finished the grisly work.  One of the Heldrakes had taken two hull points, the others untouched but it was all that was left on the board by games end.  The Sisters of Battle successfully cleansed the world of Chaotic taint.


The final battle was against a full on Adeptus Astartes Space Marine Battle Company with all the free transports he could possibly take.


In this mission, he was aware I could rush him with a multitude of anti-tank and as it was a Kill Points Mission, he was rightly concerned with an alpha Strike, and so he reserved a pretty fair amount of his army and planned to overwhelm me with his air power.  He had FOUR flyers in his force to go along with all the ground pounding firepower below on his Razorbacks and the plasma on his bike units. 


Even despite all his precautions, deploying a long range Devastator Squad, his bikes way back, a Razorback and the men inside way back, and a pod on the way, he felt he was ready.  The Dominion again expressed their relentlessness, cruising through what proved to be once again extremely plentiful terrain (I eventually immobilized several vehicles over the course of the game as there was non stop hills and other terrain to get through) in order to deliver a punch to the face he probably wont forget for some time.  I annihilated a Bike squad, his Razorback, the men inside, all but one Devastator (who ran) and his last bike squad by turn one.  It was impressive. 


His pod came on in turn one.  In turn two a bunch of his stuff showed up, but not his flyers.  this gave my Dominion time to get back in their rhinos and Immolators and scream towards his reserves, which by the way were coming in far too slowly now that I dominated the middle of the board.  St Celestine flaminated the last Devastator and waited patiently for the enemy to arrive…


On they came in a big wave, slaying St. Celestine (or so it seemed at the time…) and popping open an Exorcist.  the flyers were there on turn three, blasting away, and putting hull points on vehicles, as they are wont to do but the Smoke I threw up in anticipation saved a few hits.  


On my turn 4 all my reserves came in and I continued to corner his remaining force to the Northeast and unleashed hell.  By end of turn, his StormRaven lay shattered on the ground from a direct hit by an Exorcist Missile, one of its Centurions dead and the unit pinned!  Two of its escorts were dead.  The third had jnked to stay alive and flew away. 


At this stage St. Celestine who had risen indeed, led a Sisters of Battle unit against the Warlord Commander and slew his retinue but he stood fast, but only for a moment. 


The remainder of his force at games end consisted of a Razorback, a Drop Pod I never fired at and his Storm Talon which came back on for a round and took a shot at the only thing it could, Uriah Jacobus's command blob.  Mostly a symbolic gesture since there was no time nor possibility of ever killing my Warlord. 


So the Sisters of Battle were able to overcome the dread Dark Angel Ravenwing, the fell cults of the Chaos Space Marines and the prodigious mailed fist of a rogue Adeptus Astartes Battle Company of Space Marines. 


2 wins, 0 losses, 1 Tie


Good enough for second place.

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I dont know if anyone cares, but this was roughly the list I brought:


135pts St. Celestine

134pts 7 Sisters of Battle (Veteran Sister Superior w Melta Bomb + Power Maul, 1 x Meltagun, 1 x Heavy Flamer)

50pts Rhino (Hunter Kill Missile)

134pts 7 Sisters of Battle (Veteran Sister Superior w Melta Bomb + Power Maul, 1 x Meltagun, 1 x Heavy Flamer)

50pts Rhino (Hunter Killer Missile)



148pts  6 Dominion (Simulacrum Imperialis, 4 Melta Guns, Veteran Sister Superior w/ Combi-Melta)

70pts    Immolator (Laud Hailer)


148pts  6 Dominion (Simulacrum Imperialis, 4 Melta Guns, Veteran Sister Superior w/ Combi-Melta)

50pts    Rhino (Hunter Killer)


148pts  6 Dominion (Simulacrum Imperialis, 4 Melta Guns, Veteran Sister Superior w/ Combi-Melta)

60pts    Immolator


125pts  Exorcist


125pts  Exorcist




135pts  Battle Conclave (7 Assassins, 2 Crusaders)

50pts  Rhino (Hunter Killer Misile)


25pts  Ministorum Priest

25pts  Ministorum Priest

40pts  Ministorum Priest (Litanies of Faith)

100 Uriah Jacobus (Warlord Trait:  Unit has 5+ INV; also Zealot, War Hymns, +1 automatic bonus Act of Faith, Fearless and Counter Attack)


266pts  18 Sisters of Battle (Veteran Sister Superior w/Power Maul and Meltabomb, Meltagun+ Heavy Flamer)



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