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Bringing out the Dead

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I haven't ran my UL army since last fall/winter so I decided to check out the scrolls for both VC and TK`s to see how this stuff I have is going to do together.


First thing im doing is actually assembling my Nagash ive had for some time.After checking out his WS I can see hes still pretty much one of the best big boys in the game.Now that may be true especially when just playing the with the brb rules and no real comp system..actually in that case hes pretty much dumb on the power scale.

Looking at most all of the comp systems out now I can see they hit summoning pretty hard, in order to summon models you need to also pay the points for the unit so that you have access to the summoning spell listed on the WS,all fair enough but when you pay top points for Nagash along with that it becomes rather difficult to use his massive summoning ability to a substantial advantage.Really what it boils down to in this case is he will be really good at bringing back your army after the initial units are slain.

Of course one can just purchase minimum scrolls just to get the units on board and that is probably the best way to go.

Overall I think it works out to minimize his power level so that hes playable but not OTT,,just seems like it will be a bit weird to play him and not be throwing out blocking stuff as much as 8th edition allowed.


Either way I don't plan to run a Nagash list unless playing with some sort of comp system.


Monster models for both VC and TK look fun as heck to run now,especially the Necrosphinx,that thing seems hard as nails to kill.I also have a Terrorghiest/Zombie Dragon to build looking forward to getting these guys on the field.


Coven throne still seems fun but the Mortis engine looks a bit weaker.


The Casket of Souls is a hero now and seems much more toned down from what it was.


I like Spirit hosts even more now,I can see myself picking up 3-6 more of those guys,for summoning of course.

I also like Ushabti,I think they are more viable now.


Skeleton Cav seem to be more viable now as well,I think the Cav Archers can even retreat after shooting now,or something like that.I don't have models for either type buy would like to get some now.


I was always rather annoyed with Hexwraiths as they would always wreck my poor OnG`s so I got some to run,they never did much as I always faced players with magic arrows or a lot of spells to knock them out before they could do anything.Its nice to see they took a heavy nerf in AoS,though ill still run mine now and then:)


Skeleton Chariots are boss too,though they cant be summoned in AoS but they do have a banner rule that lets you bring one back each turn...yeah 5 wnds each and you bring back a dead one each turn,,friggen 3 chariots are hard as heck to kill,lol.


Anyhow,ill probably throw some of this stuff down in the next few weeks,,this or my OnGs heh.

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