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Ordo Infinity League!


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Welcome to the future. It is shiny and filled with remotes and TAGs. Assemble your forces to the Fall Infinity Escalation League.




WOW. 717 SE Main Street. Portland, OR




You and your friends. Friendly faces are always welcome. 




To learn the game of Infinity and play in a fun environment!




Standard Game Night Dues Apply! First time visitors are always free.


Starting Date:


Sunday, September 13th.


Ending Date:


Sunday, November 22nd.



League Points will be Award for the following:


Attending: 1 Point. Yes just hanging out with is is cool!


Playing: 1 Point per game each game night.


Winning a Game: One Point (maximum of 1 Point per week). 


Each Model flashed, assembled, and based each week before Game Night. 1 Point. (Maximum of 20 for the duration of the league.)


Purchased a Model from a local game store and bring the receipt in to WOW.  1 Point (Maximum of 10 for the duration of the league.)


Each model completely painted, table top standard, including base. 1 Point (TAGs count as two points.) 


Each piece of terrain built during the week and brought to be used. 1 Point for small pieces (less than 6 inches). 2 Points for large pieces. 


Each Piece of terrain painted during the week. 1 Point for small pieces (less than 6 inches). 2 Points for large pieces. 

Bringing food or drinks to share with the group. 3 Points.
Bringing a new player. 3 Points. 
Telling a good joke. 1 Points.
Recalling or tales of building, modeling, playing, etc, in the Infinity Forum thread. 1 Point per week 
Having an cool turn of bad or good luck (Determined by me or the group). 1 Point
And anything else of excellence. 1 Point
Receives an Ordo Championship for 2016. 
Are you in?






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They're so fun! I have a hospitaller knight, a knight of the holy sepulchre, a santiago knight, and a Joan of arc you could borrow if you'd like. Also fusiliers. Try to let me know before Sunday so I can make a couple other lists for people using different figures. Or if you'd like I could make you a list to try the faction out.

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Thanks!   I'm definitely going to get the starter pack and aim for as much CC-oriented madness as possible. 

Where do you get order markers and the like?  I can't find them anywhere online.



Dice Age Games. They are by the Bolt Action and War Machine models on a turnstile display. Or, you could print them out and copy them on card stock from the CB web site....

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Infinity League

Week One. Sept 13

High Ground

150 points

Scenario: At the end of each game turn, the player with the model on the highest terrain piece outside their own deployment zone is awarded three points.  At the end of game, if a player has a specialist on top of the highest piece of terrain, they are awarded four points.

The Game lasts three turns.
Week Two. Sept 27


170 points

Scenario: Opposing factions vie to hack open as many build doors as possible outside their own deployment zone.  If the faction does not have an Hacker, an Engineer may attempt to open a door on his WIP.

All doors will be modeled or marked by a token.

At the end of a game turn, the player whose faction who has opened the most doors is worth 3 points. At the end of the game, the player who has opened the door the farthest from their deployment zone is worth an additional point.

Week Three. October 4


190 points

Deployment: The player who selects his side deploys  in a 12 inch by 12 in a corner of the table. The opposing player takes the 12 inch by 12 in corner to his right. 

Scenario: Each player tries to move as many of the models to a marked  building in the center of the opposite corner. The building is an elevator to a safe zone.  Each model in the safe zone generates a game point. The player with the most models in the safe zone wins the game. In case of a tie, the player with the cheapest model in the safe zone wins the game.

Note: Each model is the safe zone still generates orders.

Second Note: Model may start within  12 inches of their safe zone.

The game ends when one side has all of their models in the safe zone or killed

190 points

Week Four. October 11

Check List

210 points

Scenario: Attempt to Obtain as Many Achievements as Possible

1. Crit
2. Heal a friendly model.
3. Successfully hack a friendly or opposing model.
4. Fix a Remote or TAG with an Engineer.
5. Win an ARO, by returning fire.
6. Dodge Successfully.
7. Get into Close Combat.
8. Discover a TO: Camo Unit
9. Pass a Guts Test or Fail a Guts Test if Religious Troop

The player with the most achievements wins the game.


Week Five. October 18

230 points

Grand Theft 

10 crates are placed in the neutral zone. Each side is trying to open as many crates as possible to steal the tech inside. To open the crates, a specialist may try to open the box with a WIP roll of -3 (hackers have no penalty). When  the bin is open roll a d20. On a 1-5, the specialist receives MSV 1 (if the model has MSV, increase to the next higher level. On the roll of 6-10, the models receives +1 ARM. On the score of a 11-15, the model has +1 BTS. On a roll of 16-20, the model has an Auto-Medkit.

The winner of the game has opened the  most crates. If there is a tie, the side with the most different types of tech wins. If there is still a tie. The side who opened the last crate wins.


Week Six. October 25

250 points

SWC Slaughter.  

This is a kill mission. The player who kills the most amount of SWC each game turn receives 3 points. The player who has the most standard points in the table at the end of the game receives 1 point.




When?  4 PM


Where? WOW


Who? You and a friend


Scenario: Take Out Trash!


Points: 270 


Two trash cans are placed along the center line of the table. The cans must be at least 10 inches apart.


Each faction is trying to take out the trash. The only problem is Lt.s and specialists and SWC are too high class to take out the trash. Only models with total availability that do not have SWCs and are not Lt.s can take out the trash.  The available model must touch the can, and then use a short skill to dump the trash.


The side that dumps the most trash wins the game.


In case of a tie, count Victory Points.



Bonus Points: If you bring a full painted dumpster: 3 Points

Double Bonus: Best Dumpster of the Night: 3 Points*


*Determined by the Players.....

Week Eight. November 15


280 points


Red Rover


Scenario: The player with the most models in the opposing Deployment Zone at the end of the game wins the scenario.


In case of a tie, the person who brought food or drinks to Game Night Wins.


If no one brought snacks, there is no winner.


Bonus Points:


If you bring chips, drinks, or anything tasty to eat, you receive double game night points. If you are the only person to bring food or drinks, you receive triple points.

Week Nine.  November 22

300 points

TAG You're It!

Scenario. Bring a TAG and battle it out! 

3 Points if your TAG survives the game.
3 Points if kill the opposing TAG
3 Points if you Possess an enemy TAG
1 Point for having more points on the Table at the End of the game.

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