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Dragon Ball Z Card Game


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Is anyone else playing this?  My son decided he liked it better than Pokémon, so he's now 3 Starters and 25+ Boosters into the game.  I picked up a Heroes and Villains Booster Box for myself, today, putting me 24 packs into the game.  They didn't have any starters, so I got what I could.  I'm going to pick up a few starters when they get them back in.


Biggest negative I'm seeing about the game is on the tourney scene.  There isn't much diversity in Top 8 nation wide.  The Decks that Win (Black Krillin and Blue Piccolo to name a couple) appear everywhere.  This is a problem that will just always be, though.  Without perfect balance, there will always be certain combos that will end up top tier. 

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First Box of H&V. Pulled half the rares (2 duplicates) and the Hero UR. Complete set of Commons and Uncommons. Almost a Complete Play Set of Commons (16 shy). 21 Shy on Uncommon Play Set.

Out of the 24 packs, I pulled 9 foils.

UR 1

R 2

U 3

C 3

Oh, and I just noticed, the Rare Foils are not duplicates of any of the normal Rares I pulled. That means I have 24 unique rares pulled.


Being prone, as we all are, to watch for patterns, I noticed that this Booster box favored Tenshinhan's Preparation with 6 copies including 1 foil copy.  Nappa's Confidence, another uncommon had 5 copies including 1 foil.  I didn't get more than 3 of any commons, including the ones with foils!  Notably, the 3 common foils I pulled complete the playset for all 3 of those cards.  


First Starter Deck: Goku with Orange and Red Masteries.


Two Masteries lets me build two different decks and experiment.  Full playset of all the Mains from H&V gives me 5 MPs to choose from, Tenshinhan, Goku, Raditz, Nappa or Nail.  After going through the cards I have for both colors, I've made an Orange Raditz Deck and a Red Tenshinhan Deck.  I haven't played them against each other nor against anyone else, yet.  I may go to the game store tomorrow afternoon, but Sunday's tend to be the DBZ day.  

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SET 1 - 



Heroes and Villains




3x C1    Nail – Watchful
3x C2    Nail – Protector
2x C3    Nappa – Rested
2x C4    Nappa – Smirking
3x C5    Raditz – True Saiyan
3x C6    Raditz – Confident
2x C7    Tenshinhan – Patient
2x C8    Tenshinhan – Stubborn
3x C9    Captain Ginyu – Aggressive
3x C10    Dodoria – Lackey
3x C11    Frieza – Mastermind
2x C12    Gohan – Trained
2x C13    Krillin – Supportive
3x C14    Zarbon – Loyal Servant
3x C15    Black Radiating Drill
2x C16    Black Barrier Destruction
2x C17    Black Evasion
3x C18    Black Fist Lock
3x C19    Black Overpowering Attack
2x C20    Black Chomp
3x C21    Black Refusal
3x C22    Black Hair Trap
3x C23    Blue Lifting Drill
3x C24    Blue Cover Up
3x C25    Blue Fear
3x C26    Blue Bat Attack
3x C27    Blue Determined Attack
2x C28    Blue Hand Blast
3x C29    Blue Glare
3x C30    Namekian Self-training
3x C31    Namekian Forearm Block
3x C32    Namekian Chin Grab
2x C33    Namekian Lift
3x C34    Namekian Short Kick
3x C35    Namekian Energy Beams
3x C36    Namekian Quick Shot
2x C37    Orange Driving Drill
2x C38    Orange Torching Drill
3x C39    Orange Calming Drill
3x C40    Orange Crashing Drill
3x C41    Orange Energy Bubble
2x C42    Orange Nudge
2x C43    Orange Double Palm Beam
3x C44    Red Destiny
3x C45    Red Emergency
3x C46    Red Containment
2x C47    Red Sacrifice
2x C48    Red Restraint
3x C49    Red Knee Lift
3x C50    Red Leap
3x C51    Saiyan Protection Drill
2x C52    Saiyan Strength Test
2x C53    Saiyan Drive By
3x C54    Saiyan Blocking Technique
3x C55    Saiyan Hand Swipe
2x C56    Saiyan Driving Punch
2x C57    Saiyan Charged Fist
3x C58    Captain Ginyu’s Pain
2xC59    Energetic Left Blast

4x C60    Combination Drill







Set 3 - Movie Collection


Set 4 - Evolution





Set 1 - Coming

Set 2 - Heroes And Villains



C37 Orange Driving Drill

C42 Orange Nudge

C47 Red Sacrifice

U61 Nail Unflinching

U99 Nappa's Confidence

U100 Tenshinhan's Preparation

R102 Black Head Charge

R130 Saiyan Prepped Ball

UR141 Heroic Assistance 




Set 3 - Coming

Set 4 - Coming





Set 1 - 1 Starter Deck

Set 2 - 1 Booster Box

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