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Eldar and dark eldar for sale


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I have a 5k dark eldar and about 2k eldar army that I need to move asap. Looking for 400


Eldar is mainly 6 bikes a level 3 frontLine gaming painted Eldrad the bikes are the new ones 1 new in box 1 set built riders are on sprue. A lynx with its base magnatized but will need a new magnet on a base or a brass rod as its pretty heavy

Also there are 4 hornets 2 are painted not very well and 2 are on sprue.

The dark eldar has just about everything from the dark eldar line aside from a few models. I can't remember off the top of my head but the 5k dark eldar and the books and cards for both armies and the 2k eldar to go with it you're pretty much just buying at cost for the lynx and 4 hornets and a squad of bikes i say it's a really good steal and It breaks my heart to see it go but it needs to

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I do have to be fair and say that 2 of the 3 ravagers I own are in bad shape and other things are in bad shape as well but the army is functional and missing bits could be bought from eBay or other dark eldar players around too. I will try and find time to add pics but if he's interested in just a list of stuff tell him to text me and I will send pics of what I have on my phone


360 310 6153

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