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Necron army for sale


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I have a fully painted necron army that needs to be sold asap.


List is as follows might not hAve everything.


I hsve enough destroyers for the destroyer cult 2 heavy destroyers as well

20 warriors

2 ghost arks

2 anhillation barges

1 doomsday ark

4 night scythes

6 wraith

40 scarab bases

1 spyders

3 tomb blades

1 doom scythe

Lychguard on sprue

1 over lord new sculpt

1 lord with warscythe and orb

Nemesor zhandrek


Orikan the divine

Destroyer lord with scythe

2 destroyer lord upgrade sprue

2 Versions of the codex 2 sets of cards 1 codex is collectors edition with the objective markers and the special mini cards for the codex and the normal codex


Looking for 350 again this breaks my heart to see it move but I am desperate to get ahead in my money problems so please if you're interested please be serious and understand the situation I am in and how hard it is for me to let go of my army

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