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GG league Friday the 4th


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Whos up for some AoS!


Havent decided what ill bring but it will either be Undead or OnG`s.


I believe Sylvos may have some scenarios for us to do but if not I wouldn't mind trying the competitive rules addition found here-




DL the PDF if ya like but Ill also have a copy with me to pass around:)


This is the one that has scenarios with objectives to try out and it doesn't use points just wounds.


Or just use the brb victory and setup along with a scenario from the first or second books,ill bring them with me.

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The Warscroll Builder system is the easiest to use and is just a web page so access by IPhone is just fine:)




We have been using the SDK points on that and it makes the forces pretty balanced.


Of course theres many others using points and some just wounds,like the one I linked above from over at Spikey Bits.


But this week it sounds like we will be trying out some custom stuff courtesy of Sylvos:)

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