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Hello everyone,


Seems like a lot of interest in Infinity as of late due to obvious turmoil within the gaming Universe.  I'm recently been looking into getting into a new miniatures game after a long hiatus from gaming in general.  I've been eyeing Infinity on the sidelines and now have a little time to look into what it's all about. 


Before making the plunge I was hoping to get a better idea of the game and have some questions. 


What about the game is exciting players?  Is it just the Infinity's battle system with the ARO mechanism, or is the fluff interesting? 

I've started chugging through the free rulebook and, so far, the I can tell there's a lot of little details (tedious?).  However, after watching some online battle reports and it looks pretty cool.  Also, I'm wondering if there's any form of campaign system built into the game? 


Thank you!




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I love how tactical it feels. Kind of like XCOM for the PC if you've ever played it. The aesthetics (and models) are excellent and it has a very neat feel. Gameplay wise, I love that it's mostly balanced. I've seen very few things that feel abusable. They may seem that way at first, but you can usually work out some kind of counter for it.

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Just my 2 coppers - I am pretty new to the game myself. (Less than 6 games under my belt, and a ton of reading. :) )


To me, the exciting part of the game is that both players are heavily involved, no matter which player's turn it is. This is not a "I go, you sit back and watch for awhile" type game. I can react to stuff you do, you can react to stuff I do,


I love the fluff (at least for the factions I am collecting - I admit I have not read ALL the fluff yet!). I am almost afraid to read the fluff for OTHER factions, because if it ends up being cool... well... more money will be spent. :)


There are a bazillion details. For a lot of beginners, this CAN seem daunting. I recommend going through the 'basics' first and getting a grip on those before jumping into the deep end. But, some people will suggest the opposite. :) So far, I don't consider anything about the game 'tedious'.


There are definitely a nice collection of scenarios you can play, and there is a Campaign System (ICS). There's also a Tournament system with world-wide rankings and all that, too, if you're interested.


The models are -beautiful-. There is something in EVERY faction I would like to have and paint. And CB has one of the best painters I've ever seen.


The rules are free (as you already know) but buying the full-color, beautiful rendered paper book, to me, was well-worth the investment.



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I like that you can make a workable list out of literally anything in your army.  The differences between units may seem huge, but even the lowliest guy can take out a tank with a bit of luck. 

The rules are a bit wordy, and often unnecessary, but the more obscure ones rarely even come into play. 


It's a cool game with a lot of customization to it.

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