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got 150 pts yu jing in the mail

Ogre Seth

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What did you order?

Shhh, I can't tell you.... its a secret -lol. Or maybe my memory is just that bad. :) j/k


Lets see.... first off, I did the worst thing possible (made a list with no research or asking around, and ignored the starter boxes)... because with two games under my belt I know what is good right? -not. :)   At least I used the V5 army builder so it should be legal.


I will have a invincable lieutenant (cause he looks awesome) 

a bunch of shaolin monks with sticks (cause that's what you bring to a gun fight :)

a reporter... I guess it makes sense that someone from CNN should be at the battle ???

One of those JSA support docs with little helper bots. (probably sucks but they are so cute -lol)

A couple guys with bombs in there heads... no really.... called the explosive rule I think? sounds hilarious.

And... oh yeah, a NINJA!


Im mentally preparing to lose often :)

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