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Making the K-wing work

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My name is Bosco and I'm not good at flying the K-Wing.


"Hi Bosco..."



I like to consider myself reasonably competent at X-wing.  I'm never going to be an amazing player (I have an increasingly limited amount of gaming time and am honestly not that competitively minded anymore), but I like to be able to hold my own in friendly play.


I've flown the K-wing a couple times and just haven't liked the results. It is just begging to be either overloaded with secondary weapons that don't get used up before it gets popped OR it takes a bunch of less-than-ideal shots just to use up the ordinance ASAP and justify those points before it gets chewed off the map with loaded tubes...  


I've played with Miranda Doni and the Gunner for shield shenanigans and generally wasn't impressed with the results; she moved too late in the phase to bomb effectively (I didn't plan ahead and use mines...) and shot less frequently than I'd hoped SLAMing around the board to avoid getting shot up most of the time.  Overall, too many points doing too little.


I am thinking I want to try the opposite approach and go cheap and early to catch as many as I can with mines before they move at a higher PS.  Some base setup like:

  • Warden Squadron Pilot (PS2, 23 points)
  • Advanced SLAM (2)
  • Extra Munitions (2)

That is 27 points base which, I can drop another 3-8 points in cluster/proximity mines or conner nets onto that and litter the field with Advanced SLAM fueled positioning.  For another point I can have a Bombardier ride shotgun and further expand the positioning options.  

Thoughts?  Anyone had luck otherwise?

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I've flown Miranda only a couple times but I kept it cheap and really liked her. TLT, Advanced Slam, Leebo. She comes in at 39 points which leaves a good chunk to play with. I start her in formation with my jousters but then break off with a long SLAM. If they bite on Miranda, she can use SLAM/Leebo as a get out of jail free combo. She's good in a brawl too because she can power up that primary to a 4 die attack.


As an ordinance platform, I can't see it as anything but a bomber. If you want missiles, 2 Z-95s are a far more cost-effective platform than a single warden pilot. If you want torpedoes, Y-wings are cheaper, and have the same tubes.


Also, SLAM isn't really conducive to missiling so you're paying points for an action you're not using. That's why you've gotta go with bombs. I think a seismic charge and a conner net with extra munitions and advanced SLAM would be a reasonable ship. Difficult to drop 4 bombs before you go though.


I've also tried just a TLT Warden and that's a terrible idea, don't try it.

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