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Hello there,


Not knowing what look you're going for, mind you... and both the previous posters said what I would've said regarding primers in a can when it comes to blue.  The space wolf color from Army Painter is a lighter blue/gray while the Ultramarine blue is a brighter blue than you'd expect.  They have a darker blue, too.


Another idea, again depending on your look:  primer white and use a blue wash or dip for instant highlighting and speed of painting.  For example, I prime all my 'nids white and just dip 'em or brush on the Army Shade Quick Shade stuff.  Their bodies are like a seraphim sepia yellowish brown tinge complete with highlighting and all I have to do is paint the carapaces and some smaller details.  Goes way faster.  Again, don't know what final look you're going for but it's an idea.


Stay safe,



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I am a huge fan of Vallejo's primers.

Vallejo Game Air Ultramarine Surface Primer Paint, not sure if that is the blue you want, but you can always lighten or darken it with Vallejo's white, gray or black primers.


As stated above, and imo an airbrush is an excellent tool for primer and base coating models. There are very inexpensive entry airbrushes, Master is one brand to look into.

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Hello all!


New to the group, and I have a quick question for anyone who may have an answer:


Has anyone found, or know of, a blue primer that takes to minis well? I'm looking into priming my 'nids blue, because base coating 100 gaunts one at a time suuuuuuucks.



Army Painter worked for me.  Crystal Blue is pretty striking and you can wash it to darken it afterwards if you're so inclined.

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