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Typical tournament scoring?


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We always have a generalship award, a painting award, and a comp award.  If the size of tournament warrants, there will be a best-overall based on a combination of all three.  Also at Breaching the Faux earlier this year we had "best in faction" which was generalship broken down by faction.   Not really any different from how we've run WFB tournaments for many years.


Wyrd has created Organized Play Documents, and the Gaining Grounds file specifically you should check out at http://www.wyrd-games.net/malifaux. They break Generalship down into Tournament Points (win = 3, tie = 1, loss = 0), Victory Points (total VP scored) and Differential (the sum of the difference of your VP and each of your opponents' vps). They recommend TP score (W/L/D) as the primary factor to determine best general, with VP and Differential as tie breakers. We've had a lot of VP-primary events, which I personally like because it feels more like Malifaux plays (you can lose all your models/games but if you complete all the objectives you still win). Most prefer TP-primary and since that's how Wyrd has published it in their official documents it's probably how I'd run it in future.

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It varies, I'd say 60-20-20 or 50-25-25, with generalship being worth a little more, but you can't show up with bare-bones paint jobs or a bad attitude and expect to win overall. Sportsmanship has never been an issue in any malifaux event I've been at though, for some reason "that guy" enjoys other games more. Perhaps because netlisting doesn't work with this game?


Correct, no comp necessary unless you're running a non-standard event (ie, under 50ss games you might want to limit summoning somehow). Malifaux is actually really well balanced for tournament play, assuming you're playing 50ss and single-faction (our tournaments you pick a faction and can hire any master/crew within that faction you like each game). Realistically, you only need to have and know well 2-3 masters and a selection of models for each within a faction to do well; you do NOT need all 7 for the game to be considered balanced.

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