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SAT 14 NOV - Flames of War Fall Tournament @ GG


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Updated 2015-09-24 11:41 AM


Shakin' the trees, here...

Can anyone reach out to these guys and let them know about the tournament?


Andrew Majors

Anthony Bowman

Bill N


Darragh Cullen

David Binford

David Said

Derek VanDeGraaf


Dylan Gould

Ed A/Centurius


Jason N/"Skee"

Josh Sands/Cora

Joshua Sorensen

Keven L/Sloth


Mikhail McGee

Zach Bowman

Zach Herlich


Updated 2015-09-24 4:26 PM


Sent invitations to Aeroflotte, Apophis93, Dylan Gould, Souldier3, LordGrumpus

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DEADLINE FOR ARMY LISTS: midnight November 1, 2015
Lists should be sent to pdxwar@gmail.com for verification by midnight November 1, 2015.  By doing so we are able to verify the correctness of your list and there are no surprises for us or fumbling with making your list on Saturday morning while others are waiting to play

Must be out of
B.1. the Intelligence Handbooks listed below (para D)
B.2. the Forces of War digital app, filtered by the Handbooks listed below (para D)
B.3. the Allowed (1945) Late-War Online Official Briefings (para E)

Let us know which reference you are using to compose your list.
If in doubt as to whether or not it can be used, then ask!

See the top of this thread for more info:

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