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All righty. I know there's probably some concerns out there about posting lists for our league and getting thoughts and advice given the air of competition. I'm gonna post mine anyway though and see what kinds of thoughts we can get out there and also give some insight into how I believe list construction works. 'Sides, I can't win the league anyway and if somebody's gonna tech a list specifically to combat mine that just means I must be doing something right, eh? :)


Total Points: 750



Ethereal (50) - 50



Fire Warrior Team [54] - 108

+Fire Warriors (6) [54]


Kroot Carnivore Squad [60] - 70

+Sniper Rounds (10) [10]



Stealth Team [90] - 203

+Stealth Shas'ui (3) [90]

+Shas'vre [10]

+Fusion Blaster (2) [10]

+Advanced Targetting System [3]


Fast Attack

Vespid Stingwings [72] - 154

+Vespid Stingwings (4) [72]

+Vespid Strain Leader [10]


Tetra [35] - 35


Heavy Support

Skyray Missile Defense Gunship [115] - 130

+Disruption Pod [15]


Sorry for the weird format. Wrote this on my tablet. But basically the ethereal will be running with the unit of firewarriors. He gives them leadership as well as that leadership bubble if I have to turtle for any reason. Also of course there's the storm of fire for a potential 36 shots at 15", or a surprising amoutn of mobility by using the aura to be able to run and still snapfire afterwards. The kroot are kroot. Infiltration, harrasment, a cheap troops choice, and the sniper rounds can give them some surprising teeth in the right moments. The stealthsuits are fairly dangerous with the 4 burst canons and two fusion blasters give me some heavy anti-armor or high toughness and also infiltrate. The vespid are highly mobile between jump, move through cover, and fleet and MEQs are in danger with 8 AP 3 guns on them. They're moderately tough too with T4, a 4+ armor, and stealth ruins. You all are familiar with the Tetra. Then the skyray is a toolbox of S8 AP3 missiles, cover-ignoring anti-infantry fire, anti-air, and two more accurate marker lights. In short, a 750 point list I've intended to be both quite mobile and also able to reach out and touch somebody.

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I think it's dumb, and tau. Dumb Tau...


In all seriousness, i think the firewarriors need a devilfish. At that points level, the extra firepower is huge. and them getting that one round of 15" fire is key, and can put a massive dent in the enemy army. I dunno what i'd take out, but i'd find a way to get them in a fish. cheap as possible. that way you can send 33 BS 5 S 5 shots into something at least once a game


You could also go with carbines. I know they'd only get storm of fire within 9", but that's still do able with a 'fish. And it would let you utilize unorthidoxy, giving you charge options, and pinning weapons that have a greater effective two shot range, but less effective overall range. something to consider.

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Yeah I agree if I was trying to optimize I would definitely feel way more comfortable with a devilfish in there. The Vespid point cost make it rough caues of their weird niche place in the meta. Pricey, great at killing foot marines, but either over or under kill for almost everything else. I've a feeling they're going to get phased out at 1000 in favor of more firewarriors, some sniper drones, and if that 200 point stealth team keeps me entertained I'll keep it in there heheh.

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