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H: Necromunda Redeptionists and Spyerers, Infinity Ariadna W: $$, Dropzone


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Okay, I found some stuff in the back of my minis closet, and I need money for the big Dropfleet Commander kickstarter coming at the end of the month, so...


Necromunda Redeptionists- starter box +4 basic trooper models,very poorly painted (hey, I was 15), one guy has a lame conversion (autogun to sword), but 12 models total.  Asking 125$ for this; ebay would be about 175$.


Necromunda Spyerers- 5 models (one of each, extra wing-guy), painting is all the way up to mediocre.  Asking 60$ for this lot; ebay would be about 75$.


Infinity Ariadna starter box (old)- unpainted, one guy had his gun cut off.  Asking 20$ for this.


I won't be able to post pictures until Sunday afternoon.


My needs are simple: cash money.  I would also take the Dropzone Commander starter box as a 75$ value.  If you have warhammer Grave Guard or Tomb Guard in plastic, we also might be able to talk.


Let me know by PM if this interests you.  I live in Vancouver, but work kinda by Lloyd center in Portland.



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