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Infinity Demo

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I just started playing so I wouldn't be optimal for a demo game, but I can speak to the popularity.


So far I haven't had trouble finding a game when I've wanted one, and two other players have started at roughly the same time as me. By my count there are 9 shop goers (and likely more) that have armies, and most play frequently enough; either that or they are focusing on other games but are willing to plan a game in advance.


Mechanically it's very solid. AROs mean your troops never just sit and take punishment, given that they can react to your opponent while its not your active turn. Every model has the potential to impact the game, making most of them viable.


Models are of course subjective, but objectively they are highly detailed and I think that they execute a lot concepts rather well. They are mostly one pose metal though, so they generally lack the customizable nature of 40k multi-part kits.


As for a demo game, Wiccus and Nathonicus seem to be the most veteran players.

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