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Have: Orcs & Goblins and Army Transports W: $$


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Don't hit me with "How much?" make an offer.


I do work full time and train in martial arts 5 nights a week so if I do not reply to your message right away I am not ignoring you I just haven't seen it yet.


I will prioritize any offers in first come first serve and let you know what your position is.


If you make an offer please don't leave me hanging and I will endevor to keep you up to speed.


If we finish up and somthing is not as expected please let me know and I will do what I can to make it right.





I have a large O&G army. Ive placed well enough in painting at some larger venues and taken top spot at some smaller ones. I would say the army is Tabletop + but don't consider my self a pro painter.


Several Pics below!




The Army^^^





45 Savages and Great Shaman with Savage Orc Warboss^^^^^







Big Spider^^^^^







Night gobbo Unit Fillers ^^^






Fred the Giant ^^^^









Ted the Giant ^^^^


I broke my phone and thus no camera to photo the rest. Hopefully Ill have a new phone by monday or tuesday and can take more pics, but all the minis below are painted and based to match


There are an additional 110 Night Goblins there are 3 sets of command 1 netter for up to 3 units, and 2 fanatics per unit


There are 3 more 9 man night goblin unit fillers to make up to 27 more night goblins


20 Goblin Wolf riders


2 Spear Chukka and crew


1 Rock lobba and Crew


2 Night Goblin shaman


1 Goblin Shaman


3 Goblin Bosses


59 Orc boys with 2 choppas enough command for 2 units



Incomplete Paint & Minis


7th ed Wyvern base coated (cant find warboss)


4th ed Wyvern base coated (cant find warboss/shaman mini)




Army Transoports


Batillion (no foam)

Platoon (no foam),

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