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Psyker units


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That other discussion has me re-reading the psyker rules.


Okay, so psyker #1 joins the same unit as psyker #2. As they are one unit, they are now a single psychic unit. Between the two of them, the psychic unit can cast 4 different powers.


So now, psyker #1 attempts to cast one of the powers that he doesn't know, but that his psyker unit knows. Can he?


In re-reading page 24, looks like he can. Now if psyker #2 leaves the unit or dies, the psyker unit will not retain those powers.


On a secondary point, that Brotherhood of psykers has some interesting applications with attached psykers. As written, an attached IC psyker cannot be selected to manifest a psychic power while within a unit with the Brotherhood of Psykers. Furthermore, they cannot perils, forget powers due to perils, or take damage specifically attacking psykers.


So, with the two, I take a GK Captain and roll Pyromancy (Fiery Form, Force and Flame Breath). I attach him to a unit of GK terminators which have the brotherhood of psykers special rule (hammer hand, Force, and Banishment).


When I attempt to manifest a psychic power, my psychic unit knows (Fiery Form, Flame Breath, Hammerhand, Banishment and Force).


I attempt Fiery Form. As per the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule, I must select a model in the unit with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule to be my target psyker for the purposes of manifesting this power. The Captain cannot be selected, as he does not have the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule.


I get perils of the warp while casting Fiery Form and roll a Mental Purge. As per the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule, the only powers eligible to be lost are those known to models with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule. So I randomly lose Hammerhand, Banishment, or Force. Now, if Force is rolled, the Brotherhood of Psykers models will all lose it, but the psychic unit will retain it because the unit still knows that power via the Captain (unless the captain doesn't have a force weapon, for some reason...).


Now, let's say the GK unit above attempts to throw a psyk-out grenade at an enemy unit, only to have it scatter back upon themselves. Normally, this would cause a randomly determined model in the hit unit to suffer a perils of the warp in addition to any other effect. However, because of the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule, the Captain is ineligible and the Perils will be randomly applied to one model with the Brotherhood of Psykers special rule.

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