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Really liking KoW (after game impressions)


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I got my second game of KoW earlier this week and it was really fun. I want to do a more in depth review after another game or two, but here are some early thoughts:


- its easy to learn (10 minutes or so) and really difficult to master. Just like warhammer, it benefits you to learn other armies, learn unit and item synergies, and learn movement tactics. The game is really, really deep. I need that to really love a game. Its a game I will never stop learning (provided I can find people to play it).


- its fast. Really fast! Turns can take as little as five minutes! They can take longer, especially early on when youre trying to set and avoid traps. Later youre stuck in and your options are limited.


- some of the randomness from warhammer is gone. And Im ok with that. It doesnt feel as silly and ridiculous as Warhammer, which Ill miss a bit, but its tactical as can be. Some randomness comes from nerve tests but that is mitigated by having inspiring characters around.


- tons of viable builds. Many ways to build your army.


- the feel of an army. Warhammer often bugged me with the dependence/overabundance of characters and monsters. This is a game of units.


- not removing models is not bad like I thought itd be. We did have one instance where my archer block took an insane amount of wounds, rolled snake eyes on nerve and stayed around to dish out its ten attacks. That had to have been frustrating for my opponent.


- Its a clear rule set that is supported very well. The faq is already out for 2nd (mostly to clear up confusion on multi charges). The developers are active on their forum and playtest everything lots. And it shows!


- it makes me want to build a new army and I really like it. I look forward to getting more games soon.

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1500 points, though that is kind of like 3000 points in Warhammer I'd say. It took all my Warhammer elves plus a little bit of proxying. It's really about units. You have to bring a lot of "core" in order to take the smaller stuff, so all MSU armies are impossible, as are character heavy armies etc.

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I've played one game myself, and I have to admit, the things you discovered about the game, I felt pretty much the same about on all points.


I am not sure if one game is enough to really judge, and at 1500 points, neither I nor my opponent seemed to have a 'lot' of stuff, but we were learning the rules. Like you said - they were pretty quick to learn, pretty straight forward, smooth, and we burned through the game fairly quickly.


Yes, a lot of the 'fiddly bits' that we're used to in Warhammer aren't present. That speeds up the game, I think, but some people also loved all the 'personalization' that various unis have. KOW's 'Special Rules' are pretty limited, and for some, that could be both good and bad.


I enjoyed it enough, though, that I do want to play it again, and I spent about $30 on a bunch of movement trays.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it!



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