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New Eldar Corsairs


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Corsairs have their own unique Perils of the Warp chart. In addition to the Void Dreamer, Barons and Princes can be Psykers.

1- Devoured. No Ld check. The Psyker is claimed by She Who Thirsts. Gains Demon, Hatred (Khorne), Rending, and may run +3 inches. Control switches to your opponent. If the psyker is part of a unit they're locked in combat.

2-3 Soul-Wracked. Slaanesh gives them a back massage is basically what the fluff says. The unit (not just the model) are pinned and your opponent gets to change the target of the psychic power being cast.

4-5 Warp Terrors. Demons swirl about the veil. Unit and all Corsair units within 6" must make a morale check on 3D6 take the two highest or fall back.

6 The Eye of She Who Thirsts. The Psyker gets the attention of Slaanesh. For the rest of the game perils happen for the psyker on any doubles.


Dancing on the Blade's Edge: Corsairs are piratey and stuff and not the most disciplined. They come with two Ld Values, ie 8/5. You use the lower value when trying to regroup.


Reckless Abandon: If within 12" of an enemy, the unit can "battle focus" only after shooting. But don't roll D6, it's a flat 6". Jetpack units get 6+D6".


Princes can take relics from either book as well as the Harlequin book.


Dissonance cannon: 24" S5, AP4, Heavy 1, pinning. For each additional model in the unit that hits, add +1S and -1AP.


Tanglefield grenades: S2, AP-, blast. Any unit hit by it takes a strength test, if failed reduce initiative and WS in half until next turn.


Regular troop Corsairs (now called Reaver Bands) got defensive grenades.


Lynx Pulsar (new gun):

Saturation: 48" Str D, AP2, Ordinance 1, Large Blast

Salvo: 48" Str D, AP2, Ordinance 3, Twin-Linked


Firestorm's gun got rending and ignores cover vs skimmers and flyers.


Brace of Pistols is wargear that effectively gives access to 2 shuriken pistols and 2 splinter pistols.


Corsair Prince and Baron can both take a Cloud Runner jetbike.


Baron is a 30 point HQ base. Not an IC, 15 pts to become a lv1 psyker.


The Prince dropped 25 pts. Anything with 12" uses his Ld.


They have access to 4 pistols but can only fire 2. Means that they all have 2 CCW.


There are scout Corsairs called Ghostwalkers. They get stealth, scout, infiltrate, plasma and defensive grenades, and a lasblaster. For one point per model they can get longrifles. They can also get flamers, fusion guns, shredders, and blasters (1 per 5). And they can get haywire grenades.


Corsair jetpacks grant 4+ armor


Elite Slot: Malevolent Band. These corsairs are half-insane because of Slaanesh gnawing at their souls and therefore charge into battle with berzerker-like rage.

Corsairs within 6" of them get -1Ld

2W models with FnP, fear, fearless, fleet, furious charge, rage

5 points gets the whole unit Jetpacks or Heavy mesh (4+ armor).

Can get melta bombs, venom blades, power swords (1 per 5)

Comes with brace of pistols and a CCW


The Phoenix Bomber looks unchanged other than dropping 20 points.


Kinetic Fields grants a 5++ save to vehicles, increasing to 4++ re-rollable if the vehicle deep strikes or moves flat out. Wasps get it when jumping.


Warp Hunter, 185 points, can be squandroned. 36" Str: D minus 1 AP2 with small blast barrage D3+1 shots. Also has a template firing mode.


Lynx is 60 pts cheaper and got +1 armor f/s

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will all this be enough to wad up the ITC folks into a ban frenzy?


- I played this army last OFCC - with its old rules and under-power-y-ness.  I had fun with it.  But now it looks to be getting some upgrades.  (I picked up the firestorm attachments over the summer but never used it… and I picked up a Lynx about a month ago)  - I'm wondering if this comes out the way the rumors sound like they will be… IF it will be just added to the ITC no play list… or the severely hamstrung "fixed rulz" list for ITC.  


I'll be getting the updated book either way.  And maybe whatever I need to upgrade a wraith knight as well.  I'm just hoping that maybe I can still use the list in organized play.



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Dunno about the Lynx, but it does look like the Revenant will be staying on the ban list for the foreseeable future. For the same point cost, it is now really hard to hit in close combat. I'm a fan of new toys, and am excited about the update, it just seems that they went a bit far with some things.



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ITC will likely allow the Corsair Revenant with Pulsars, but not with Sonic Lances. The close combat stuff is cute, but if a Revenant is already in CC it's screwed up pretty badly.


The updated Lynx is better at killing other superheavies (three shots instead of two) but worse against everything else. It's still not good enough to take the spot from a Wraithknight, so it won't be used.

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