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What Date Works Best for the Next 40k Tournament at Haus Fluger?


Next 40k Tournament at Haus Fluger  

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  1. 1. Which Day would work better for you to attend my next Tournament?

    • December 19th
    • January 1st
    • January 2nd

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Basically just that. 


Obviously, with Christmas and New Years, we're talking about a time of year that is going to be tough to get a good showing.  So, I'd like to see what would work best for everyone.


Some things to consider:


Annihilation Tournament on December 5th is happening, so Portland Folks might find it hard to do something close to that.


TSHFT Championship is going to be on the 16th/17th of January, so that's also getting close to that event.  At this juncture, I'm planning on doing TSHFT as well, so I don't want to bleed into January too much. 


I'm kinda liking the idea of ringing in the New Year with Warhammer, as I think that that would be a day most people have off and isn't really a family kinda day for most folks (I think?).


Anyway, please let your voices be heard. 

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I have to cap it at 8 since it's just literally my big porch.  Anything more than 4 tables isn't really feasible.  


I DID try to get it posted on Frontline, and Reece says he mentioned the last one on the podcast before it.  I also submitted our results for the last one to them.  

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