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40 points is the maximum you can get from Battle Points. You can can 10 Points for having a painted faction. There is 20 points for bring food and drink. Another 10 points is for making a charity donation. Finally, there are bonus points for best food, overall painted, best S2 model, best TAG, Bike, or Remote, and Best Sports.


So bringing a flat or water, a bag of chips, a donation for the Women's Shelter, and painted force will give you 40 points.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


I think we are sold out!!!!!!!





1. Alexander MacBain

2. Naked Panda - Aka Chris M.

3. Rudra34 aka Evan Secan

4. Don't Panic aka Nate Roberts.

5. George Spencer

6. Erik Grey

7. Gremlinking aka John Allen

8. Jay

9. Exile aka Pete Harper

10. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang

11. Jake Richmond

12. Twinmasks aka Alex

13. Tha42 aka Rick S.

14. Zagdog aka Nathaniel Beach-Hart

15. Krieger aka Wiley

16. Saethiel aka Jake G.

17. Will Martinez

18. Ian Zagen - Ringer!!!!!!!!!!!

19. Joe Bumgarner

20. WiseTiger7 aka Junho Chang

21. Muskrat aka Aaron Musk

22. Ogre Seth

23. Brian Boese


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What is W.O.W?


W.O.W. is an attic over an ancient strip mall.  The front door is on the side of a Teriyaki Restaurant. A distillery is to the east. Western Oregon Wargammers iis a handful og guys who play games in the space after getting kicked out of Portland State University in the 1970's.  They have been in the location ever since. There numbers have dwindled over the years. Ordo started renting from them around 2006 and has taken more and more of their space over their years. W.O.W is not fancy. It only has space heaters to warm up the rooms, so dress in layers. The rooms warm up over the day and with people inside them.  There are small refrigerators inside for drinks and a few plug ins. 


At the Rampage, there will be a table for food. If you bring food for the event, everyone will share it and vote for their favorite food. It is a points bonus for the event, but always seems to create a casual, fun atmosphere. The Rampage is an gaming event as much it is a tournament. Friends and family and welcome to stop by. 


I hope to see you there,


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Raindog, tell me about the tables............


At the Rampage, the tables run a bit differently than at other events. First, W.O.W. Is composed of several different rooms. None are large enough to hold a single event, so play is divided amongst the rooms. The top four tables are in the Room of Fame. It is the room with the food and drink. The next two tables will be in the Room of Hope. Two more tables will be in the Room of Nope. These rooms are nice to play in. They are quieter and the rooms stay warmer than the larger room. Then, there is the Room of Shame. It is the fist room Ordo started in at W.O.W. It holds our terrain and terrain projects. There are four tables in Room of Shame. The room is dark and drafty. Due to projects, one table may be in the hallway.


Table placing is determined for the first game by who makes the first challenges at the event. For the rest of the day, your battle score reflects the table you play on. Participants can play on the same table the whole day if they make the first challenge and soundly win all of there games. If you rack up the points, you will stay in the Room of Fame. If you drop a game, you can slide to the Room of Hope or Nope. If you lose all your games, you will stay in the Room of Shame. In the past, some players have taken great pride in fighting their way out of the Room of Shame. Others take pride in playing in the Room of Shame all day.


To make matters more interesting, I like to make the more challenging tables in the Room of Fame. Most table will have cityscapes, but expect a bad lands mining outpost, settlements with trees, river, ponds, etc , an Aleph themed table, an icy waste land. And Quonset Huts.


I would like to thank those who are bringing terrain to the event. One day, Ordo will have several Infnity Tables and mats, until then we rely on community help.




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Hey!  I just want to push everyone to go for those extra food/drink/donation points.   Not only is it an easy bump to your overall score, but you keep everyone fed and give to a good cause.   It doesn't have to be anything big.  A bag of chips, 6-pack of soda or a flat of water, and some canned food is under 10 bucks. 

Now back to last-minute painting.  See you all on Saturday!

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Well then!  I'm going to have to change what I was going to bring, or this will turn into the chili and cornbread rampage!  :)

That was what the Bloodbowl 7's tournament (last Nov.) was supposed to be, but the guy who was bringing the chili ended up having to cancel, so it was just a cornbread rampage.  :huh:

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