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Old Skool 40K AKA "Get off my lawn you darned kids!"


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OK...sorry for already starting a new topic, but this will be with the goal of a more fleshed out version.




Army Composition must adhere to the Basic Rule Book Combined Arms Detachment.

The rules for "Ideal Mission Commander" and "Objective Secured" remain in place.



1 HQ




1 HQ/LOW (Note, only NON Gargantuan Creature/SuperHeavy LOW Allowed)






No Fortifications, GC/SH Lords of War, or Allies allowed (see below under Force Organization for exceptions)



RULES Modifications



Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii Codexii are treated as ONE Codex for the basis of the above FOC

Harlequins may be included in either Eldar or Dark Eldar Force Organizations in their respective slots

Inquisition may be included in ANY Imperial Force int heir respective slots, maximum one unit per slot (ie Max 1 HQ, 1 Troop, 1 Elite)

Assassins may be included as an Elite option in any Imperial Force, maximum one.


Any ForgeWorld Army List may be used, as long as they adhere to the strict Forge Organization - Combined Arms Detachment rules above.




Treat "Vehicle (Flyer) as "Vehicle (Fast Skimmer)".  Flyers are all considered Fast Skimmers.  



Treat "Flying Monstrous Creature" as "Jump Monstrous Creature".  These follow the rules for both Jump and Monstrous Creature types.  They also lose Jink and Vector Strike.



"D Weapons", or weapons with Strength D, are treated as Strength 10 AP1 Armorbane


Skyfire.  All weapons designated as "Skyfire", lose the Skyfire ability.  For all intents and purposes, "Skyfire" does not exist in this set of rules.



The above rules are not meant to 'balance" 40K.  These are simply a set of "house rules" i have been mulling over.  Yes, they remove some aspects of the current 40K meta, and leave other's alone (Psychic phase as an example).

These are meant to be first of all Simple.

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Introductory caveat: I have barely played any games in the newest edition.


I am assuming that this is in response to the seemingly endless stream of formations and special rules to try to keep track of (not to mention all the monster-machines stomping around the table). Are the flyers and whatnot really that over-powering or is this more of a response to the all the extra rules that suck up game time?


In any case, I never moved out of the old skool, so this looks good to me ;-)

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