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New Archaon on Three-Headed Mount


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I was pasta that link from Bols this morning but since it was all in German I figured I would wait till your official linkage,seems that's all we have at this point though heh.


The Chaos Knights are friggen awesome! and since ive collected up all the Tombs to this point I think ill have to get the Everchosen one too:)

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Finally got a good look at Archeon`s Warscroll...he certainly is nasty with his abilities,however his base weapons output is actually rather meh.For instance He puts out on average just shy of 7 wounds vs a 3+ save per turn were is Nagash does close to 8 per turn.With his low rending attacks hes best vs blocks of units and not so hot vs elite troops and other monsters.


He does have a fair chance of causing secondary wound effects from the Dorghar`s three heads and the Slayer of Kings chance to outright kill a Hero/monster by getting two wound rolls of 6+.



He has good defences though with a 5+ ward vs morts along with the Eye of Sheerian ability.


Overall hes a great addition to the game and certainly not OTT:)

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