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Last Week of The 2015 Escalation League


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Last Week / Week 9


Points: 300 points


Start Time: 4 PM


Mission: TAG You're It!


Scenario. Bring a TAG and battle it out!


3 Points if your TAG survives the game.

3 Points if kill the opposing TAG

3 Points if you Possess an enemy TAG

1 Point for having more points on the Table at the End of the game.


Bonus Points: 3 Points for having a painted Tag.

Extra Point for having the best painted tag.

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Luckily, I managed two games tonight. In the first game, I went toe to toe with Evan. I am not sure who had the most points in the end, but our TAGs wounded each other. He had the active phase, so he wrecked my left flank.


I knocked out his TAG with an ARO. My Hellcat coup de graced the hulk. My hacking gave me the edge.


Against Jay's JSA, I unfortunately wrecked hobby and bought him a beer for his pain. My Hellcat jumped in an wiped out his Keosu team. His ninja hacker tried to possess my Szalamandra, so I suckered punched his hacker. I was able to possess his O-Yori. It killed his LT, we called as he had two hidden models left and a possessed tag.

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