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Space Marines for sale!!


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Looking to sell off my Games Workshop stuff starting with my Space Marines


Would of course prefer to sell as a lump and I will discount it for a lump sale.


They are all assembled and “almost” all painted and based in a custom Chapter color. I will attach photos soon


40 Bolter tactical marines


11 Sergeants with various weapons


4 lascannon marines


4 Heavy bolter marines


1 Plasma cannon marine


6 Missle launcher marines


2-melta gun marines


2- flamer marines


All in a Case




2 -10 man jump pack assault squads


1- Jump Chaplain




8- Rhinos with optional razorback tops


1- Land raider


1- Vindicator


2- Land speeders


2- Terminator squads


1- Dread multi / power fist


Would like $500 for all of it


Open to offers.

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