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Guild McMorning and Emissary?


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I'm curious whether Guild McM can hire Emissary of Fate (I don't see any way he can, but maybe I'm missing something)?  

Also, since there's no upgrade for Guild McMourning-led Brutal Emissary, does he just use Brutal Conflux?  The Resser McM has a specific upgrade for his Emissary of Fate, so it seems odd that they left Guild McM out, in a way?


Hmm, I'm confuzzled.

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His upgrade is dual faction (it has both the resser seal and guild seal at the bottom, card fades from green to red at the top). So in a guild mcmourning crew you can hire the Brutal Emissary and attach the Conflux of Forbidden Knowledge emissary of fate upgrade. In a resser crew you can attach it to the Carrion Emissary.

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