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GW Black Friday Deals?


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Not sure if these are preorder or release dates. The prices for the bundles are odd as well, e.g. Abaddon's Warband costs more than the individual kits combined. I will update the OP as soon as more information is available.
1st Update  - Are these Black Friday deals?


Might be their Black Friday sales stuff maybe ?
 There's deals for both the stores -- 1st come, 1st served, once they're gone they're gone -- and the website apparently.


Ladies and gents, a momentous day is coming, games Workshop is having a black Friday sale, now the details are patchy but I've been told that it will not be product wide and will be certain (vague) especially made sets, at between 10-20% discount.
The sets are limited and when they are gone, they are gone.
It will run Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but under the caveat as above. 
EDIT: I've put UK in the title as I don't know if it's going to be anywhere outside the UK, sorry.
2nd Update
There is more
Via Aracerssx on Warseer
3rd Update
Gift bag


There's also this:


This year, we've created 2 free gift bags. They've been designed just for our customers and are a great way to present gifts for the hobbyist in your life. Just pop your presents straight into the bag, you don't even have to wrap them! We'll randomly add one of these gift bags to every order of £100 and above while stocks last.


Additionally this just went up:
There's two designs, the Imperium one and a Stormcast Eternals one.
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