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Black Friday Sales


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Shamelessly stolen from dakka:



Hey folks.  So 27th of November is Black Friday in the US, and around this time a lot of places sell stuff for cheap.  Just thought I would start this thread so people who know of sales which are coming up can post the details here for all of us to know.
First off, let's start the thread with the offers Wyrd has this year for their Black Friday sale!
Wyrdos' date='
Every year, Wyrd does a sale around Black Friday that lasts about a week. It stretches from Thanksgiving until our company birthday on December 2nd.  This year is particularly special because it marks Wyrd's ten year anniversary!
We've got some special things planned for this sale, of which many of the details can be found below!
The Wyrd Black Friday sale will run from November 26th until December 2nd. During this time, we'll have a variety of specials up on our webstore.
Because of the volume of orders we receive during this sale, please allow extra time for processing. We will not begin shipping any orders until November 30th.
Items available in the Black Friday sale are subject to change. 
Below are the special edition models available during Black Friday:
    WYR21039 - Nightmare Coryphee - $35.00
    WYR21044 LE - Kaeris Crew (Translucent Orange) - $50.00
    WYR21045 LE - Jakob Lynch Crew (Translucent Purple) - $45.00
    WYR21046 LE - Kaeris Crew (Dayglow Orange) - $50.00
    WYR21047 LE - Jakob Lynch Crew (Dayglow Purple) - $45.00
If you spend $150 or more, you will get the following two models free:
    Firestarter, alternative
    Francisco, alternative
If you spend $300 or more, you will get the following two models free (in addition to the $150 free models):
    Barbaros, alternative
    Dr. Dufresne (counts as McMourning)
The free items items will be automatically included in your order; no substitutions.
Below are models that are early releases available during Black Friday:
    WYR20425 - Iggy - $11.00
    WYR20228 - Datsue Ba & Seishen - $30.00
    WYR20332 - Snow Storm - $35.00
    WYR20330 - Blessed of December - $16.00
    WYR20227 - Shikome - $16.00
    WYR20527 - Sue - $11.00
    WYR20329 - Angelica - $11.00
    WYR20715 - Tengu - $24.00
    WYR20625 - Sammy LaCroix - $11.00
    WYR20426 - Tuco - $11.00
    WYR20331 - Slate Ridge Mauler - $16.00
    WYR20328 - Gunsmiths - $18.00
    WYR20333 - Silent Ones - $18.00
    WYR20229 - The Drowned - $21.00
    WYR20528 - Ashes & Dust - $35.00
    WYR20428 - Insidious Madnesses - $24.00
    WYR20429 - Lelu & Lilitu - $18.00
    WYR20123 - Guild Hounds - $21.00
    WYR20230 - Dead Doxies - $18.00
    WYR20427 - Black Blood Shamans - $18.00
    WYR20627 - Bayou Gators - $24.00
And, announcing a brand new model: Aionus, lord of time. Aionus is an Outcast Mercenary created to celebrate ten years of Wyrd. He is made out of PVC and comes fully assembled, ready to hit the gaming table. Clocking in at 12 Soulstones, this figure will be a great addition to any collection. You can pick him up for only $15.
Aionus will receive a general release and is tournament legal with his own unique rules, which will be included in a future Malifaux book; we are just releasing him early to celebrate our birthday!
You can take a look at renders of our special releases by following this link.
If anyone else finds some cool Black Friday sale items, please post them here!
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Underground lasers will be 20% off all day, but 50% off instead from 6 to 7am EST:
There will be a Black Friday sale. 1 hour only. 50% off everything
-it will be dark outside in the US
-it will be in the AM all across the US
EDIT the 50% sale starts at 6AM ends at 7AM Eastern US, the rest of the day it will be 20% till midnight
This will be the last and only mention by me because I am a big meanie.
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Well, if I'm doing my math right....those in store bundles aren't that great...at least for the Adeptus Mechanicus one.


Contents - Retail

Tech Priest Dominus 36
Ironstrider 49
Skitarii 39
Sicarians 46
Onager Dunecrawler  66
Kastelan Robots 69
Kataphron Battle Servitors 58
Electro Priests 41
So, retail is $404...BF sale is $345...that is just about 15% savings.  
The two AM Boxed sets they have are better deals.  The Elimination Maniple
Kastelan Robots 69
Kataphron Battle Servitors x2 116
Retailis $185, Box cost is $150...so roughly 19% savings
The other box
Adeptus Mechanicus Battle Maniple
Ironstrider 49
Skitarii x2 78
Sicarians x2 92
Onager Dunecrawler  66
Retail is $285 , box cost is $215, so roughly  24% savings.
If someone wants to do the math on the other bundles :)
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