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Infinity tournament at Fate & Fury Games in Vancouver, WA


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I want in but this business doesn't appear to have a phone number.


(360) 787-5719


According to their Facebook page. I think it's the new owner's cell, so if he doesn't answer (he's helping folks in the store at the time), leave a msg and I assume he'll call back pretty quick.


Also, their email addy is listed as:


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If George is a slave driver like last time, we very well could be done by then! :) Start prompt. 90 min rounds. 15-30 minute between would have us ending around 4pm, with plenty of time for you to get back home. That's without a lunch break, though.


I have an event to be at at around 6:30 that night, but I don't have near as far to drive as you do Nate! Would love to see you there, but definitely understand it's the holidays!

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yeeea i cant risk it if george thinks there's a possibility we could still be going at that time.  :( i could play probably the first 2 but if there's no guarantee about the 3rd game its not fair to a possible opponent if i rush the game/have to take off.  ill show up and hangout with you guys though! love observing as much as playing :)  i could also bring some terrain if needed...

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George can also make sure your 3rd opponent is someone who plays a bit 'quicker'. Meaning: not me. ;)


Though we DID do pretty good in our game last time. :)



im much slower than you!  you are actually pretty fast imo :)  especially since you play ariadna i mean that makes turns longer in general!  im still insanely slow and need to learn how to speed up.  i just get stumped a lot in this game lol.

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