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TEAM YANKEE hype!!!!


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So I just picked up my copy of the rule book and Bannon's Boys, and I have to say I'm really impressed.  The rules are simpler, easier to remember, easy to read through, and yet still retain the tactical depth of Flames of War (we will see when we do a demo game if that holds up).  The models on the other hand are fantastic.  They are some of the best models I have ever seen Battlefront produce, probably because the vehicles are larger they can put more detail into them, but I am very pleased with my M1's and Cobras.

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The scale of the game might not hold up with larger models...  I saw some pics of this.  How large are those things?  what scale?

Its the same scale as flames of war 1:100.   The Abrams are a little larger than the size of a king tiger, and the helicopters are large, but I don't think that the scale will really be all that big a turn off, I actually thought they were pretty small, after what everyone was saying about how HUGE they were on the Flames of War forums.

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in the micro-armor / 6mm / 1:285 / 1:300 space, GHQ sells "Modern" (post-WWII) packs of 5 vehicles, 2-5 guns, 40-60 infantry

Micro Armour - Modern: Unpainted 1/285th Scale Models of Military Vehicles & Aircraft

cannot speak to the current quality, since have not bought from them in over a decade.


Here are a few more places to look/inquire about units packs of 6mm cold-war/modern:


Modern Product Reviews Message Board http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/topics.mv?id=100

3 yrs old: 1/285, 1/300, and 6mm Model and Terrain resources, Last updated  6.8.12

Quality Miniatures for gaming in 6mm, 1/285th, Epic, 144th, 10mm, 15mm 20mm and 28mm (Terrain and scenery)

All about Modern 1/285 Miniatures http://m1285m.blogspot.com/

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NOTE: As of 12/15 the Soviet Starter boxes have not arrived.


Even though the Soviet Starter Boxes are late, we will still have the demos.  Until they arrive, one or more Demos may be “Blue vs. Blue”, where Mike H. runs Bannon’s Boys, and James B. runs a “Red Team Opposing Force”, using M1 Abrams Tanks and Cobra helicopters, in a “NATO training exercise”.  Later, when the Soviet models are assembled and painted, we will schedule additional demos to showcase U.S. forces vs. Soviet forces.

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