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Whelp I'm fairly certain you all are tired of seeing little blue aliens inside of mechanized suits on my side of the table, so you all have graduated to phase two! Blood's in the water, boys. A fleet of dull gray ships have emerged from the warp, their vox relays silent as their massive engines direct them into a low orbit slowly circling the planet. What is this sound? This pulsing bass tone slowly increasing tempo. The sharks have arrived, drawn by the blood spilt in droves and gallons upon the soil of this world. The sharks are here, xenos scum and false defenders of the Imperium...and they are hungry.


The Carcharodons make planetfall.


Total Points - 1848


Carcharodons CAD - 1211



Tyberos the Red Wake, Captain of the Nicor, Lord Reaper of the Void, Commander of the Carcharodons - 190


Damocles Command Rhino - 76




Tactical Marines (10) - 205

Flamer, Extra CC Weapons, Vet Sergeant, Sgt Lightning Claw, Powerfist

Rhino - 35


Tactical Marines (10) - 205

Flamer, Extra CC Weapons, Vet Sergeant, Sgt. Lightning Claw, Sgt. Powerfist

Rhino - 35



Ironclad Dreadnought - 145

Heavy Flamer (meltagun), Chainfist, Ironclad Assault Launchers


Fast Attack

Stormtalon Gunship - 115

Skyhammer Missile Launcher


Heavy Support

Stormraven Gunship - 205

Multi-Melta, Extra Armor



1st Company Task Force - 637


Terminator Assault Squad - 205

Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers (3)


Terminator Squad - 190

Chainfist (1), Heavy Flamer

Drop Pod - 35


Sternguard Veterans (6) - 172

Combi-Melta (4)

Drop Pod - 35

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They all have Fear, and gain Rage after destroying a unit or causing it to fall back while in assault. Their tactical marines may by an extra close combat weapon for a point per model, and by having Tyberos in the army any unit that gains rage due to the chaoter tactic also gains +1 Strength.

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