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fow: vietnam helicopters


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Goal: Assemble and paint up some of the flames of war Vietnam items I have sitting around.


These are from the Battlefront Miniatures 15mm Vietnam range and initial images of them.
3x UH-1B Hog   product code: vusbx02
3x UH-1D Slick  product code: vusbx03
1x OH-6 Loach (two birds) product code: vusbx04
The UH-1B are configured as such:
1x Hog with M134 miniguns and M157 rocket launcher
1x Heavy Hog with M3 rocket launcher
1x Frog with M5 grenade launcher MG and M3 rocket launcher
The main rotor is magnetized as is the flight stand (not shown). I have some door gunners that will be added.
Lesson learned so far, grind down the resin a lot where the main motor assembly attaches to the body. I didn't do it on all of them and one can tell.  It is too tall and wide on some of them so it doesn't sit snug on the body. The tail rotor can be tricky cutting it from the sprue. I broke one but have a parts resupply on the way.

Fow vietnam stevem 20151122 IMG 2848

Fow vietnam stevem 20151122 IMG 2849


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