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Doorbuster at Guardian


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Good News: All Flames stuff is 50% off at Guardian today, including books and non-WW2 - i.e. Great War and Fate of a Nation.  I even got my paints half off, but I'm pretty sure that was a mistake.


Bad News: Guardian is pissed at Battlefront for chopping them off at the knees with the Tanksgiving online sale and may stop stocking, or at least that's the scuttlebutt that was intentionally put out (Yes, I'm a cynic.)



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Support your LGS.


I don't judge anyone one else, but my first choice for games, mini's and model stuff, especially battlefront, is my LGS. I appreciate the difficulty of the brick-and-mortar retail biz, and have seen too many games/hobby stores close.


I do shop online, but my first choice, and where I spend most of my $ is my favorite LGS, which is currently GG.


I appreciate the gaming space they provide, and I would like them to be around for awhile, and for them to continue to provide the gaming space. I believe that they could run the store more cheaply if they only had shelf space for games.


I would be sad if they got rid of they gaming tables, even more so if they went out of biz.

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