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Game Night Sunday: December 6th


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Its looking like GamerGeek and I will be throwing down for more AoS action around 5:00


If anyone else is interested in trying it we are using the following list guidelines;


8-10 War Scrolls Army

100 wound army cap

25 wound scroll cap

1-3 Heroes/Wizards

0-3 Warmachines

0-3 Monsters


Ill be bringing all my Battletombs for the scenarios:)

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Another great scenario battle.  This time saw the nefarious Bad Moon Goblins with the aid of a Giant and Mangler Squig face off against the Exile Aelfs (Dark Elves).  The Dark Elves were attempting to stop the Goblins from unwittingly opening a portal to the chaos realms and summoning a Daemon through an ancient artifact.  It was a bloody affair but in the end the Goblins were successful in opening the portal.  The Dark Elves were not fast enough.  Damn Gobbo fanatics...

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