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Rules Question: blocking LoS with another model


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It seems from forums and podcasts that it's fairly standard to allow an opponent to place a 30mm model exactly between two 30mm models, such that it blocks LoS between the two models, as long as you clearly state your intent to your opponent.

Mark, is this standard interpretation you use?  Will this be allowed at OFCC Malifaux (the only MF event I'm likely to play outside my bros)?

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Yep. Mathematically it works, but kinda hard to perfectly place a model to actually do it. As long as it's agreed there's enough movement to get to that place you can both agree ahead of time that that's what the intention us and move on. If you don't let your opponent know that's what you're doing then it opens up potential for disagreements as to who can see what.

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Micah will I'm sure point out that mathematically it's actually impossible, as there are two limits being approached and moving toward one moves away from the other, which means it's unsolvable.  Or something nerdy like that ;)

But yes I would definitely assert that it NEVER happens without agreed-upon intent prior to finishing the move.  "Oh look, I'm using my laser and it looks like I just happened to place my model on the exact molecule I needed to, and it looks like our three bases were manufactured to a molecularly-identical size!" :P

I do like the "feel" it adds to the game though (of one model intentionally stepping between two others like a frikkin' Secret Service agent) so I'm happy you allow it (again assuming agreed upon prior to finishing the move).

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