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Alright. Tau have a metric ton of giant, face-stompin, bullet-sprayin, launch-so-many-missiles-you-block-out-the-Sun robots. Awesome right? Wrong. Weapons of this caliber weren't designed by blue fish commies. Nope. They were designed by the baddest Meks to ever put boot to face and wrench to bolt. I'm considering doing an all robot Tau list but only in Orky scrap bots.

What would a solid "robots only" Tau list look like? I've seen a six Riptide and drones list over on Dakka but they can't even agree if it's ITC legal, plus I'd like to do a Stormsurge or two as well. So you list writers here's the details:

1) ITC legal, prefer an 1850 and 2k version

2) All robots and drones

3) Did I mention Orky robots?


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Stealth suits...Like weaponized soda machines, dumpsters etc?

Nobody expects to get shot by a Coke machine, can't get stealthier than that;)

Any easy way to add Stormsurge or two and still follow the theme? I'd like to build something with an obscene amount of missiles strapped everywhere. Legs, body, other missiles...

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All I can picture is the pop machine from maximum overdrive getting the baseball coach.


You should build an ice cream truck with a bunch of white scars/RW bikes lodged in the front grille ;p


I can't suggest list for lack of the book, but thematically a bunch of mechs 'crazy welded' together alert fits the bill for orks:)


Should be a fun project.


Making all the 'drones' sort of... 'Special'. Would be funny :)

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Forgot about Farsight Enclave!

How about this for a framework:

Commander crisis suit

2x single crisis suits

2 Storm Surge unit

3 Riptide formation

4+ drone units formation


2 Giant robots, 3 big robots, 3 medium robots and a ton of drones. Obviously it'll need flushed out but any opinions on the concept? Keeping things streamlined like this is really attractive because I'm scratchbuilding the robots. Keeping things easily identifiable is something I'm working hard towards.

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Rench the grot was good at his job. So good that when Big Mek Gubbinguts said he wanted "Two splodin klaws fer hands" that's exactly what he made. After Gubbinguts' klaws sploded, taking him with them life was pretty good in the workshop. With all the Big'uns out of the way da lads were able to work in peace. Skarpa built a working time machine! Sure it only went forward in time and at the standard pace, but he built it. Why? Because he wanted to. No more kicks, no more splainin to date boss kwantum tangles again, no more live fire tests on his lads. Just progress. One day while running target acquisition tests in the Krumpsurge, Warboss Squigbita arrived to inspect his new toy. Announcing his presence by lighting Skarpa and his cardboard box on fire. Rench had an epiphany, "in ere, I'M da biggest!". Seven seconds later Squigbita was no more. Looking at the greasy stain that used to be the biggest and baddest gave Rench clarity. Turning the yellin box on so his squeaky voice boomed across the workshop Rench began...

"Roit Lads, lissin up. Wes got two options. Wait for a new boss to come round and put us in our place or get in dese stompy robots and put all dem in dere place!"

A quiet voice squeaked from under a table..."Viva la revolution"

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